RV Owner and Handyman

In the excitement of considering life as an RVer, it may not occur to some that the new lifestyle demands several non-recreational roles to be assumed. One of these roles is the handyman (ladies included). I point this out not to throw cold water on the exciting plans, but to prepare you for a certainty

The Province of Ontario

The name Ontario is said to come from the Iroquoian (first nation) word meaning “vast body of water”. It is the second largest Province in Canada, spanning approximately one million square kilometers. It stretches all the way from the Great Lakes to the frozen shores of Hudson Bay in the North. Situated between the provinces

Vacation in Dubai

Dubai is such an exciting and diverse travel destination that it attracts millions of visitors annually – particularly during the winter months when the weather is perfect for every single activity from sunbathing and scuba diving to camel racing and desert safaris.If you’re planning a trip to Dubai here’s a guide to the types of

The Province of Alberta

The Province of Alberta is approximately 255,200 square miles in size and boasts incredible scenery and abundant natural resources. It is situated between the provinces of Saskatchewan to the East and British Columbia to the west, with Northwest Territories to the North and the state of Montana, USA bordering the south.Alberta is in the Mountain