Anchorage, Alaska’s Principal City

Anchorage, the largest city in America’s 49th State, was founded in 1914 to provide the railhead for the Pacific Railway to, Fairbanks. With a population of approximately 260,000 it houses 42% of Alaska’s population. This expansive city nestles at the base of the scenic Chugach Mountains and embraces the Pacific Ocean as it laps inshore in the Cook Inlet. It’s hard to believe that this spacious city, in the largest of all US States, covers approximately the same area as that of the smallest state, Delaware.Anchorage is the transport hub for the state and offers air connections to the Continental US as well as Hawaii. For those airlines using the Trans polar routes it also offers a convenient stopping off point for flights linking Europe and Asia. Moreover it provides flight and other transportation links to the rest of the State of Alaska.Some labor under the delusion that Alaska is smitten with almost perpetual darkness in winter and never ending light [] in the summer. This is not true. It enjoys about six hours of daylight, much of it sunny, during the winter and 13 hour of light in the warm summers. Another myth is the temperatures. Sure, Alaska is pretty far north but winter temperatures in Anchorage work out at approximately 25 F. That is 7 degrees below freezing point. The sort of temperature you would enjoy if you were spending a relaxing winter sports holiday in an Alpine resort and summer temperatures average out to something similar to northern California.Anchorage is the point of entry into some of the world’s finest an most unspoiled scenery. If time is limited a trip to Anchorage gives you a delicious taste of life in this unique area. In winter mile upon mile of untrammeled snow offer a winter sport’s paradise. There are opportunities for Nordic skiing, sledding, trips by snow mobile and much more. The very same area redoubles as a hiker’s heaven during the summer months. Tranquil lakes abound which offer catches galore for the fisherman or an opportunity for just plain contemplation of the beautiful and unspoiled scenery. The area provides a birdwatcher’s paradise and an unparalleled opportunity to observe wildlife in a natural setting. It also boasts the clear skies and northern latitudes to provide crystal clear sightings of the northern lights.That’s not all of course. Anchorage boasts fine restaurants offering a plethora of sea food. The king crab is a very special delicacy, which cannot be missed during a visit to this very special city. Oh, yes there is also a multi-storied Texan Bar offering a more lively evening’s entertainment for the more energetic visitor. Tempted…? Well then why not go somewhere different and awesomely beautiful and the way to get there is through the city of Anchorage?

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